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Briar Hill Health Care Residence rehabilitation center utilizes a team approach to provide effective therapy programs centered on the needs of the resident. Our Interdisciplinary Team of therapists, nurses and state-tested nurse aides meets regularly to individualize each patient’s Plan of Care. The comprehensive therapeutic services offered through our rehabilitation center are focused on the restoration and/or enhancement of the physical functioning of our residents, maintaining their independence and quality of life.

Community reintegration is reinforced by a home evaluation completed by our therapists prior to discharge of the rehabilitation center if indicated, and outpatient therapy is provided at Briar Hill Health Care Residence to continue the patientís recuperation. The primary care physician and/or surgeon will be notified of the patientís discharge plans as well, ensuring that a continuity of care is maintained.

Should you have a need for a scheduled surgery or procedure that will require rehabilitation in our designated short-term unit rehabilitation center, private tours and consultations are offered prior to that date to enhance our patientsí comfort level. Please contact our Director of Admissions for details.

Rehabilitation Services are available up to twice daily, seven days a week by our on-site therapists and include:

  • Physical Therapy
    • Low-light laser therapy
    • Mobility and Transfer Training
    • Ambulation
    • Modalities: Moist heat treatment, ultrasound, massage, electrical stimulation
    • Therapeutic Exercises: Strength endurance, range of motion, stretching, balance/coordination
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Independent Skills Training
    • Exercise
    • Static/Dynamic Splinting
    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Environmental Adaptations
    • Visual Perception Compensation
    • Cognitive Re-training
    • Socialization Skills Building
  • Speech Therapy
    • Cognitive Enhancement Program
    • Swallowing Disorders
    • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Maintaining Communication Needs
  • Skilled Medical Services
    • Wound Care Management
    • BiPAP and CPAP
    • Tracheostomy care
    • Intravenous therapy
    • Ostomy care
    • Enteral Feeding
    • Pain Management

Briar Hill Health Care Residence is a licensed medical provider through the State of Ohio, Department of Health, and is Medicare certified. Commercial insurances are accepted including, but not limited to, the following Managed Care products: Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Medical Mutual, Humana and United Health Care. To learn the specifics of your coverage, please contact your insurance provider directly. Your insurance representative is the best person to inform you of the level of coverage you will have as a rehabilitation center patient at Briar Hill Health Care Residence.

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