Briar Hill Middlefield Ohio has earned the reputation as a top-notch health care residence in Northeast Ohio. Let’s dive deeper into the history of Briar Hill so that you can find out what it took to create this one-of-a-kind organization.

It all started in 1964 when brothers George and Charles Ohman and their families were first introduced to the field of long-term care by friends from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first phase of their new calling was the purchase of a ranch-style home they named Holly Hill. It overlooked the beautiful East Branch Reservoir and Grandview Country Club in Middlefield, Ohio. That original building was a modest nine-bed facility, but after 50 years of quality care and service, the Ohmans’ original venture has grown considerably.

In 1969, partner Don Gray, a longtime friend George had met through his church, joined the Ohmans in the long-term healthcare business. Together, they turned the original Holly Hill facility into a community of family-owned and managed long-term care facilities: Holly Hill Health Care Residence in Newbury, Briar Hill Health Care Residence in Middlefield, and Blossom Hill Health Care Residence in Huntsburg. With a powerful sense of empathy and earnest Christian values, the tradition of compassionate care begun by George Ohman is now being carried forward by the family’s second and third generations.

George Ohman’s sons and daughter, George Jr., Anderson and Nancy Ohman Milner, serve as the Senior Administrators for Holly Hill, Briar Hill, and Blossom Hill respectively. Daughter Amy Ohman Grubbs assists George at Holly Hill. Christian Ohman, Andy’s son, serves as Assistant Administrator for Briar Hill, while Joshua Wallace, Andy’s son-in-law, has the focus of marketing for The Hills. George Jr.’s son-in-law, Kurt Ingersoll, serves as Administrator of The Hills at Home, further extending our family’s commitment of exemplary healthcare into the homes of our patients.

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